Idle Thoughts


Re: Occupy Movement

The trouble with any regulation is that when it's working, the good that is done is unnoticeable. And, it's within human nature to assume that when there is no apparent good, there is no good being done. Finally, it's common to believe in the good intentions of others within our social sphere─ really that's the underlying assumption which allows society to function at all─ so when a friend / lobbyist comes in and pleads for some (de)regulation or other, it's natural to accept their requests and act on their behalf.

Meanwhile, all of animal life has evolved to do what is expedient for survival. In humans, this base instinct is applied not only to personal survival, but to group preservation; which means in almost all aspects of our life, we seek to do what is cheap and easy.

However, we also have an understanding of quality, and in times of abundance we willingly expend more energy | time | money in order to attain higher quality goods | foods | services especially for those within our inner circles.

The trouble is, the corporate system necessarily divorces producers from end-consumers and in a global economy from workers─ as the corporate goal is to make a product | service appealing to either the desire for quality or the more basic desire to conserve energy | time | money. The American-capitalist system and even corporations are not inherently evil, but are fundamentally flawed by virtue of being a human invention divorced from the individuals they service and employ. This leads to the need for regulation, as corporations seek to minimize expense and maximize profit, without regard to the human cost.

We need to realize, we as Americans, are free people─ we can speak of revolution─ but I think the solution lies in personal choices. Buy local. Choose public or alternative means of transportation. Live closer to where you work. Participate in politics: vote or run for office. And yes, work for corporate America: infiltrate the system to instigate change.


@ 3 AM

my hand ─ in this moment ─
is a reptilian-thing,

holding a pen.


Seeking Altered States

I've been nursing a beer,
and longing to feel different,
than I am ─ indescribably other ─
knowing full well: drunk ain't what I'm after.

Contemplating the highs I've known,
and longing for a sympathetic ear,
or the simpatico warmth of breasts,
upon which my head could rest.

This song's too slow, it's making me itch ─
I don't if it was the haircut,
or the change in weather,
that landed me in this existential ditch.